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Candle Lamps & Lamp Oil

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Candle Lamps:
Light Ideas is the largest supplier of dining lamps & fuel lamp oil in Wisconsin. We can deliver fuel oil from our Wisconsin warehouse within 24 hours. All lamps, lamp oil and wax can be shipped UPS, USPS, or Federal Express. We represent some of the top manufacturers in the industry including; Candle Lamp, Hollowick, and Dine-A-Glow.

Liquid Paraffin Fuel Cells:
Power up your candle lamps with safe, efficient fuel cells, delivering a soothing candle glow with no clean-up necessary. Popular "Snuff-It" wick feature safely extinguishes
its own flame if accidentally knocked over. Highly
refined liquid paraffin wax burns longer and more efficiently than candles, and it requires absolutely no clean-up. Simply dispose of them when they're empty. They can be re-lit until the fuel cell is empty. The fuel cell is then discarded. Soft gasket material ensures leak-proof shipping.

Disposable Batteries:
e-luminate the ideal solution for restaurants that want the ambiance of a candle, without the flame. Advanced LED technology accurately mimics the “dance” of an actual flame. User selectable between “flicker” or “constant on”. Fits most of our lamps, fireproof, & easy to store. Look for the (e) logo on styles that are best suited for e-luminate. e-luminate consists of a permanent “brain” and a disposable power cell that provides 200 hours of light. The single power cell provides the equivalent light time of dozens of wax candles.

A Few of our Satisfied Customers:
Marcus Corporation, Pfister Hotel, Saz’s State House, Casablanca, Mars Resort, Golden Mast, Kirsch’s French Country Inn, Grand Geneva Resort, Riversite, Louise’s, River Lane Inn, Dylon’s, The Pasta Tree, Wicked Hop, Mason St. Grill, Westmoor CC, Weissgerber’s Seven Seas and the Whiskey Bar.


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