The Hospitality Look
 The Latest Trend in Independent
& Assisted Living Décor
Staying current with the latest styles in Furniture, Accessories & Artwork is increasingly more important as competition for the baby Boomer market grows.  New Independent Living and Assisted Living facilities are being built every day. LIGHT IDEAS can assist your facility by suggesting styles of furniture with Crypton Barrierproof fabrics & Faux Leather fabrics that are Antimicrobial and Flame Retardant.
#9430 Lounge Chair       #5071 Lounge Chair        #5843 Lounge Chair
#9430 Lounge Chair           #5071 Lounge Chair             #5843 Lounge Chair
#61001 Lounge Chair        #61002 Loveseat        #59002 Loveseat 
#61001 Lounge Chair              #61002 Loveseat               #59002 Loveseat
1140 Sofa Table          Irving Table Grouping
#1140 Sofa Table                        Irving Table Grouping
 McGill Table Grouping          Mockingbird Table Grouping
 McGill Table Grouping                     Mockingbird Table Grouping
Our furniture is stylish and durable, with attention to detail and the safety of Residents.  This look definitely makes a statement to prospective customers and their families. Contact us today for a free, full-color catalog. We are happy to make our recommendations to you at no charge.  We look forward to hearing from you!
 We at Light Ideas still recommend using Barrier Proof fabric as it is extremely durable and easily cleaned. We are happy to assist our customers with coordinating colors and patterns. Our Decorating advice is free and our prices cannot be beat.
If you would like to place an order for one of these special chairs or tables, have questions, or would like additional information, please call
Light Ideas at (262) 367-2209.
Light Ideas has provided barrier-proof furniture to the Long-Term Care market for many years. Now we can offer this same furniture to consumers in their own homes. Do you have elderly parents and family living with you or still in their own homes? Our fabric and furniture are engineered specifically to help incontinent elderly people. The fabric itself is leak-proof and is easily cleaned with Tide or Cheer detergent.

Here are the key benefits:
Permanent, not a spray-on product like Scotchgard
Not available in retail or traditional furniture stores
Many applications - great also for children and pet stains and odors
Order today - delivery in 6 to 8 weeks from a US factory
Many fabric styles and furniture styles to enhance your home decor

Most importantly, this furniture is specifically designed for health care with the correct width, depth, seat height and arm height. I would welcome the chance to discuss your particular home needs. Give me a call and I would be happy to send you a swatch of Crypton fabric for you to test.

Marie Haussman
President and CEO
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Why Use Crypton Fabric Furniture?
Crypton Barrier-Proof Fabric is used on furniture because it provides absolute protection from incontinence. It also protects against general everyday wear and tear and is easily cleaned. The following links will help you understand more about this engineered product used in long-term care facilities and the hospitality industry including McDonald and the Hilton Hotel chain.


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